Horse riding in Cala Ratjada

The beautiful resort of Cala Ratjada is surrounded by pure nature. If you like horses and enjoy horseback riding, or if you want to try it for the first time, you should definitely take the opportunity to go horseback riding here. Enjoy the fascinating landscape, lonely bays, rock formations and picturesque mountains while horseback riding and let yourself be enchanted by the sound of the sea.

In the nature reserve Parque Natural de Llevant, guided horseback riding excursions are offered, which will bring you closer to the beautiful nature, such as the bay of Cala Agulla and the natural sand dunes of Cala Mesquida.

In 1991, Cala Agulla, Cala Moltó and Cala Mesquida were declared Specially Protected Natural Areas. The area from Cala Mesquida via Cap des Freu to Cala Agulla is bursting with pure nature.

So be sure to plan a day of your vacation to explore this breathtaking natural environment - and what's more majestic than a horseback ride?!

For example, discover with Hipico Cala Ratjada (also known as "Eddis Reitstall") in Cala Ratjada discover the beauty of the area on horseback. Experience an unforgettable time on guided tours along fantastic hiking trails. Well-groomed horses and experienced teachers await you. Feel for an hour or two horseback riding the feeling of freedom while you sit majestically on horseback and experience the picturesque coastal landscape around Cala Ratjada. A ride at sunset is particularly romantic: the sun is just sinking behind the horizon and the landscape is bathed in a warm light. It's the perfect mood for a horseback ride.

You can also experience pure nature on the Rancho Grande of Son Serra de Marina, which offers a variety of horseback riding excursions. With more than 100 horses and an impressive natural setting, the Rancho Grande offers riders an unforgettable horseback riding experience, immersing horse lovers in the wild, untouched landscape of Mallorca. A carriage ride across fields, meadows and through pine forests is just as possible as horseback riding along the beautiful beaches and cliffs of the coast. In addition to the horses, there are also native and exotic animals on the ranch, such as the black Mallorcan pig or a cow from Friesland, a donkey family, a rabbit, black swans, llamas, ostriches, iguanas, little monkeys, macaw parrots, a cockatoo and other small animals.

Since horseback riding is always a particularly great experience for children, the Rancho Grande is also part of the kids pirate tour, an exciting day on which the children can get to know Mallorca in their own way. Great fun for the whole family.