Holidays in Cala Ratjada


Cala Ratjada celebrates most public holidays during the summer months, however many national or island holidays also take place at other times of the year. Here we list the local and national holidays, so that you can also include the beautiful holidays in your holiday planning.

public holidays

Sant Antoni: January 17th
Medieval market: Third weekend in May
Verge del Carme (patron saint of fishermen): 16th of July
Sant Roc: August 16th
Sant Bartomeu: August 24th

Sant Antoni (January 17)

The day before Sant Antoni, on January 16th, the traditional meeting of the devils is celebrated and big bonfires are lit in the streets. On January 17th, the traditional processions are held and the biggest events of the previous year are “told” with music and dance and are reproduced during the processions. Sant Antoni is one of the largest and most celebrated festivals in Mallorca, the island's typical meat specialties such as sobrasada (a paprika pork sausage) and botifarrons (blood sausage) are grilled over a campfire, and a Mallorcan herbal schnapps (hierbas) warms you up.

Medieval market

The medieval market or Mercado Medieval / Mercat Medieval takes place since 2000 in the municipality of Capdepera instead of. It was celebrated for the first time in 2000 to mark the 700th anniversary of the community. Capdepera is only about 5 minutes drive from Cala Ratjada and definitely worth a visit. At the market you can try many different country and island specialties and also different types of beer from many small local breweries, such as the island beer Cerveza Tramuntana. Various concerts are also held, many of them even in medieval style. You can visit the Castle of Capdepera and buy many handcrafted products such as fabrics, soap and much more.

El Carme (July 16)

The patron saint of Cala Ratjada, La verge del Carme, is the patron saint of seafarers. This summer festival stands out as the traditional fair is held at the port and all the boats are strolling on the sea accompanied by the local music group. There are also many open-air concerts. The festival traditionally ends with a big fireworks display.

Sant Roc (16 August)

Sant Roc is the patron saint of Cala Ratjada. Almost the entire month of August is peppered with many festivals, concerts and various events.

La esperanza (December 18)

L'Esperança is the patron saint of Capdepera]2. According to the legend (Llegenda de sa Boira), it saved the former inhabitants of the castle from a pirate attack. Every year this legend is commemorated and a procession is organized through the town.