Fishing in Mallorca

In order to be able to fish in the Balearic Islands and Mallorca, you need a fishing license. You can get these at the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Protection FOGAIBA in Campos, Felanitx, Manacor, Inca, Sa Pobla or Sóller. Or via the internet:

The cost is €15.01 (the paper fishing license) or €25.01 (the plastic fishing license) and is valid for 3 years. Payment can also be processed online:

If you order it via the Internet, an address on Mallorca may have to be given, a German address cannot be entered. One possibility would be to enter the address of your hotel or, if you have a friend in Mallorca, this address. You can then easily save the fishing license as a pdf on your computer and print it out. Unfortunately, the information on the internet is only in Spanish, so you must be able to speak Spanish in order to fill out the form.

If you go out privately with the boat and fish, you must also show a license for the boat. The police carry out checks very regularly and often, and the penalties for not being able to produce a license are very high.